Move an OU


Move an OU

There are a few rules to consider when moving OUs.

  • OU can only be moved to a new destination beneath its existing top-level OU. However, a top-level OU can be made a child of any OU that is not its own descendant.
  • An OUs cannot be made a child of one of its descendant OUs.
  • All projects and financials attached to the OU move to the new destination.
  • The moved OU will inherit cloud rules from the new parent OU, and inherited cloud rules from the previous parent OU will no longer apply.

To move an OU:

  1. Navigate to OUs > All OUs.
  2. Click the ellipsis menu next to the OU you want to move, and select move OU.
  3. Select a new parent OU as your destination OU.
  4. Click Move.