Navigating using URLs


Navigating using URLs

URL aliases can be used to navigate to specific accounts and projects managed by Kion. This makes it easy to share specific links using the cloud provider native account details, instead of Kion IDs.

While you can simply navigate to a project or account and copy the URL, you can also determine the URL using the following parameters. This is useful for quickly switching between resources and automation.

When entering the URL, you must use URL encoded characters for reserved characters (e.g. %20 or + for a space). See this URL Encoding reference for more information.

Navigating to Projects

The following query parameters redirect you to project details pages.

  • /portal/project?name=[PROJECT_NAME]
  • /portal/project?account_name=[ACCOUNT_NAME]
  • /portal/project?account_number=[ACCOUNT_NUMBER]

For example, redirects to

Navigating to Accounts

The following query parameters redirect you to account details pages.

  • /portal/account?name=[ACCOUNT_NAME]
  • /portal/account?number=[ACCOUNT_NUMBER]