Updating Kion


All updates to the Kion application (version upgrade, changes to infrastructure, etc.) should be made through the kion-app AWS CloudFormation stack only. If there are changes you wish to make outside of the AWS CloudFormation template, please submit a ticket for assistance.

For detailed information about upgrading to specific versions, see Guidance on Upgrading

Updating with Internet Access

To upgrade the Kion application, perform an Update Stack operation on the current stack in AWS CloudFormation. You don’t need to perform an update to the Kion database stack (kion-db) unless requested to do so.

Before you start, download the latest version of the kion-app.json AWS CloudFormation template from the Deployment Guide or the release notes for the version you are upgrading to.

To update the AWS CloudFormation template:

  1. Login to the AWS console where Kion is installed.
  2. Navigate to the AWS CloudFormation service.
  3. Select the kion-app AWS CloudFormation template. Ensure it’s the application and not the database.
  4. Click Update.
  5. Select Replace Current Template.
  6. Upload the new AWS CloudFormation template you downloaded from the Success Center.
  7. Click Next.
  8. You don’t need to change any values unless there are new fields available.
  9. Click Next twice.
  10. Acknowledge that AWS CloudFormation might create IAM resources.
  11. Click Update.

The upgrade will perform a rolling update on the application in about 5 minutes. All active users at the time of upgrade will receive a notification prompting them to refresh the page. If there are any failures or rollbacks, please submit a ticket to our Success Center with a screenshot of the Events tab.


Other Upgrade Paths

For information on upgrading without internet access and information on upgrading databases, see Application Updates.