Using Cloud Provider Tags in Kion


Using Cloud Provider Tags in Kion

You can use the same tags you use in your cloud provider consoles in Kion. We build on your existing tagging systems, making it easy to maintain, expand upon, and utilize the structures you already have in place.

Kion supports tags from AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

Tags in Kion are case sensitive. When using tags from cloud providers in Kion, the case must match across platforms.

Reporting on Tags

Our report builder can use the tags from your cloud provider to create account, billing source, OU, and project reports.

Beyond basic reporting, if you're using more than one cloud provider, you can take advantage of Kion's unified tagging system. With unified tagging, if you use the same tags across cloud providers, Kion can report on them as if they came from one unified source, so your reports give you totals for the tag instead of fragmented results.

For example, if you use Environment: Production as a tag in both AWS and Azure, you can create a report that combines cloud spend from both providers.

For more information, see Reporting with Tags.

Enforcing Compliance Policies with Tags

Our compliance engine supports tag-based enforcement policies. Depending on your compliance framework, we suggest implementing compliance checks to support one of the following approaches.

  • Minimally aggressive. You are notified of resources that have no tags or are lacking specific tags.
  • Moderately aggressive. In addition to identifying resources that aren’t tagged properly, Kion takes remediation actions, automatically tagging them.
  • Highly aggressive. Kion automatically identifies and stops/terminates/deletes resources that aren’t tagged properly.

Our compliance reference library and jumpstarts include pre-made compliance checks for these approaches out of the box. Just configure which tags they should look for.

For more information, see Compliance Quickstart Guide.

Cloud Provider Tags and Kion Labels

Labels within Kion act similarly to cloud provider tags but expand functionality to filtering and searching within Kion. If you find tags useful, you will most likely find labels helpful as well.

For more information, see What is a Label?