What is a Project Spend Plan?


What is a Project Spend Plan?

A project spend plan is the combination of funding sources, specific funding amounts, and start/end dates that determine the budget of a project. The information you enter in a project's spend plan will be used to calculate the following:

  • Budget. A calculation based on the remaining funds assigned to a project divided by the number of months until the project can no longer use the funding source.
  • Planned Rate. A linear calculation that determines the amount that would be spent in a day if the funds were evenly distributed throughout the allotted time.

Spend plans can be added to projects during project creation or afterward. If a project doesn’t have a spend plan, its spend is still tracked. However, we will not be able to show information that requires a planned amount of spend, such as on track and overspending notifications, lifespan, and forecasting. Some enforcement criteria will also be unavailable.

To learn how to create a project spend plan while adding a project, see Add a Project.

To learn how to add a spend plan to an existing project, see Add a Spend Plan to an Existing Project.


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