Welcome to Kion


Welcome to Kion

We are excited to share that cloudtamer.io is now Kion. Along with our 3.0 release, we have a new name, a new look, and a new vision for true cloud enablement.

Want to hear more about our motivations for rebranding and our vision for the future? Watch this video to hear what our CEO and team members have to say about our move to Kion.

To read our official rebrand announcement, see Introducing Kion.

Our New Look

Along with our new name, we also have a new look. We have made updates to colors, charts, buttons, navigation, icons. Just about everything in our application has been polished and shined.

What is Cloud Enablement?

Cloud enablement is about empowering you to do what you need to do.

We’ve gone beyond the baseline of helping you report on costs and the security and compliance status of your cloud environment. We come with cost optimization features that continually scan your environment, helping you stop waste and reduce costs in the cloud. We prevent, detect, report, and then remediate findings based on your unique security and compliance policies. We make it easy to set and automatically enforce budgets to control cloud costs. There are a lot of different ways to say what we help with: operations, governance, orchestration, automation, etc. These are all just pieces of what we can do. Cloud enablement is about combining all of these concepts into one solution.

So, what can you do once your cloud is under control? Once you’ve solved for time, costs, visibility, and context? What’s your future like? You pursue innovation in the cloud. Scale with ease. Develop new capabilities. Experience agility. Enjoy a culture of meaningful work. Entice others to join you in it. Keep current and evolve with the cloud, not in spite of it. You go farther, faster.


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