Savings Opportunity Details Page


Savings Opportunity Details Page

Each savings opportunity that is recommended for a specific resource has an opportunity details page. You can access this page using a direct link or by using the Open Page button on the opportunity details drawer.

The opportunity details page lists the savings opportunity, the resource, the resource's details, and the cost and savings information for that resource (monthly and annually). The savings information is the projected amount you would save by appropriately applying this recommendation to this resource.

The page also has a Cloud access button to log into the resource's CP, an Actions dropdown menu, and a Share button to share the link to this page. The Actions menu provides the following options:

  • Stop resource: temporarily stop the resource to halt spending. You can restart the resource in your cloud console (go to Savings Opportunities > Overview > Applied Opportunities, find the applied opportunity, and use the Cloud Access option for easy access).
  • Terminate resource: permanently terminate the resource. This makes it easy for users to decommission a resource that is not being utilized, but please use this option with caution, as terminating the wrong resources can disrupt services in your production environment. This option will only display if you enable termination in the settings.
  • Mark opportunity as applied: mark the savings opportunity as applied. You should choose this option if you log into your CP and apply the recommended change manually.
  • Dismiss opportunity: mark the savings opportunity as dismissed, which indicates you do not wish to act on the recommendation at this time. Dismissed opportunities can be reviewed later by using the Include Dismissed checkbox on any page.



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