Google Cloud Setup Guide


Google Cloud Setup Guide

This setup guide will give step-by-step instructions to complete the process and get you up and running with Google Cloud and Kion.

Closed1. Create a Google Cloud project for the service account.

Closed2. Enable the APIs for the resource manager and cloud billing

Closed3. Create a service account and service account key within Google Cloud.

Closed4. Assign org-wide permissions to your service account.

Closed5. Assign BigQuery Permissions

Closed6. Create a billing account within Google Cloud and attach it to the service account.

Closed7. Set up billing data export to BigQuery.

Closed8. Enable the APIs for the services required for Kion management.

Closed9. Add the service account to Kion.

Closed10. Add the billing account to Kion as a billing source.

Closed11. Add Google Cloud projects to Kion as accounts.


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