Azure CSP Billing Sources


Azure CSP Billing Sources

Once Kion is installed in your environment, you’ll need to provide the Azure CSP API access to manage your Azure resources and provide the API access to access the billing data. You'll need to enable CSP subscription creation. Then you'll add the info to Kion and set up a billing source in the application.

If you are unsure what your Azure billing account type is, see Identifying Your Azure Billing Type.

You’ll need access to certain Microsoft accounts to complete this setup. For CSP, you'll need:

  • Login credentials for: Azure Tenant (at the CSP Customer level)

Configure Azure CSP Access Settings

Provide Azure API access to manage your Azure resources and provide CSP API access to retrieve the billing data. Expand the sections and complete the steps below.

Closed1. Create/Configure the App Registration

Closed2. Assign API Permissions to the App Registration

Closed3. Add the App Registration to a Management Group

Closed4. Retrieve the Microsoft ID for the CSP Customer

Enabling CSP Subscription Creation

Before you can enable CSP subscription creation in Kion, you must follow these steps to allow Kion to move subscriptions to the Kion managed management group.

ClosedEnable CSP Subscription Creation

Adding the CSP Access Information into Kion

We offer two methods for importing your financial data into Kion: through a billing report export or through the Azure Partner Center. We recommend using the billing report export if possible.

Billing Report Export (Recommended)Partner Center

Closed1. Export Your Billing Data to a Storage Account

Closed2. Add the Storage Blob Data Reader Role to the Container

Closed3. Create a Billing Source in Kion