Edit a SAML 2 IDMS


Edit a SAML 2 IDMS

To edit your SAML 2 IDMS:

  1. In the left navigation menu, click Users > Identity Management Systems.
  2. Click the ellipsis menu icon next to the SAML 2 IDMS you want to edit and select Edit.
  3. If your Kion URL has changed, use the Regenerate Service Provider Certificate button to create a new set of service provider certificates and return the updated metadata. Then, use the Reset Service Provider ACS URL button to change the service provider ACS URL to match the current domain of your Kion environment. Both of these actions are required to keep Kion working with SAML in the event of a URL change.
  4. Modify any other fields and/or add new validation rules, access rules, user group associations, or service provider icons. For more information about each field, see the Add a SAML 2 IDMS article.
  5. Click Update IDMS.



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