Delete an Account


Delete an Account

When you delete an account in Kion, the account is removed from Kion, but remains in your cloud provider's console/portal, i.e., AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud. This action cannot be undone. No webhooks will be run upon deletion, and any accrued spend for the month in which you delete it will no longer be visible within Kion. Any compliance findings for the account will be archived upon account deletion.

To delete an account:

  1. Click on the ellipsis menu on the account in the account list (Accounts > All Accounts) or the CSP/Enterprise Agreement list and click Delete.
  2. When you click Delete, you will receive a delete dialog. If you want to delete the entire account from Kion, click No, just delete the account. If you want to move the account off the project and back to the account cache, click Yes
  3. A second dialog box will display to ask if you are sure you want to remove the account. You must check boxes to acknowledge that you understand:
    • Some cleanup will be performed inside your cloud provider - orphaned cloud access roles (CARs) and CloudFormation Templates (CFTs) in your console are automatically deleted when you remove their associated account from Kion.
    • No webhooks will run upon deletion.
    • You may lose access to this account.
    • Accrued spend for the month will no longer be visible within Kion.
  4. Click Delete to proceed or Cancel to cancel the deletion.




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