Viewing Billing Sources


Viewing Billing Sources

To view all billing sources that you have permission to view:

  1. In the left navigation menu, click Accounts > Billing Sources.
  2. The billing sources list will be displayed. Billing sources can be filtered alphabetically using the dropdown on the top right. Use the arrow buttons to navigate through the pages of results. You can click + at the top to add a new billing source.

Azure accounts with an inactive billing or tenant connection will display the Connection Error badge. You can troubleshoot the connection error by following the link on the Overview tab.


You can click on the billing source name to visit its detail page. Clicking the ellipsis menu on the right of a billing source gives you the option to:

  • View - view the details page for the billing source.
  • Edit - edit the billing source.
  • Edit GovCloud Account Settings -  adjust the associated GovCloud account name and number and enable or disable AWS GovCloud account creation. For more information, see Enabling AWS GovCloud Account Creation through Kion.
  • Delete GovCloud Settings - delete the GovCloud account info and account creation information for this account.
  • Download billing source financials - download a zipped file with the billing source financial reports, including monthly spend, payments, and spend by service.
  • Delete - delete the billing source.

Billing Source Details Page: Overview Tab

Click the name of the billing source or View on the ellipsis menu to view the details page for the billing source. This will take you to the Overview tab, which provides the following information:

For AWS accounts, you will see:

  • Account Number - account number of the AWS account.
  • AWS Organization ID - the organization ID for this account.
  • Start Date - the date when the billing reports are first available.
  • Billing Source Type - a badge showing the billing source's account type (AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud project).
  • Billing Connection - timestamp when the billing connection was last tested.
  • Monthly Report - timestamp of the start of the last Monthly report load.
  • Cost and Usage Report - timestamp of the start of the last Cost and Usage report load.
  • Accounts in Projects - accounts that are associated with the management account and attached to a project in Kion.
  • Accounts in Cache - accounts that are associated with the management account and are not attached to a project in Kion, but are in the account cache.
  • Accounts not in Kion - accounts that are associated with the management account and are neither attached to a project in Kion nor in the account cache.

For Azure EA or CSP billing sources, you will see:

  • Customer ID (for an Azure CSP).
  • Azure Domain (for both).
  • Billing data start date (for both).
  • Billing source type (for both).
  • Coming soon: Billing/Tenant Connection (for both) - an indicator showing whether the billing and tenant connections are active (green) or inactive (red) and the date that their status was last updated. An inactive connection will cause the billing source to show the Connection Error badge. For inactive connections, click Troubleshoot to visit the Troubleshooting Your Azure Connection page (coming soon!).

For Google Cloud billing sources, you will see:

  • Billing Account ID
  • Start Date
  • Billing Source Type

Billing Source Details: Invoice Tab

Click the Invoices tab to show the invoices for this billing source (this tab only displays for AWS billing sources). You can view the invoiced (spent) and credit amounts for any month by changing the dropdown field under Show invoice for.

Next to the month/year dropdown, the terms are:

  • Invoice Total - the total sum of spend for all accounts (accounts in projects, accounts in cache, accounts not in Kion, and the management account itself) for the month selected in the dropdown. This does not include any estimated spend; this is only reported spend.
  • Credit - total sum of credits for all accounts for the month selected in the dropdown.

Payer Rounding - this is the difference between the connected accounts, unconnected accounts, and the management account. This is already factored into the Management Account invoiced total at the bottom of the screen.

If you click on the Accounts in ProjectsAccounts in Cache, or Accounts not in Kion options on an AWS account, you'll get a list of accounts associated with the management account. Each of these categories displays a count of the total accounts for that category. Connected and unconnected accounts and their data are not available for Azure EAs or CSPs.

The Management Account reflects the values for the management account itself.


Billing Source Details: Spend Reports Tab

Click on the Spend Reports tab to view the report builder for billing sources. For more info on spend reports, see our Report Builder article.


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