Configuring Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) For Use Within Kion


Configuring Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) For Use Within Kion

To configure Kion to use ADFS:

  1.  In the left navigation menu, click Users > Identity Management Systems.
  2. Click the + button at the top to add a new IDMS.
  3. Under IDMS Type, use the dropdown menu to select SAML 2.0.
  4. Fill out the required fields. Leave Should Sign AuthN Requests unchecked.
  5. In the Assertion Mapping section, enter names for first, last, email, and username. Optional fields can be left blank.
  6. Click Create IDMS.
  7. Download the Kion metadata and import it into ADFS. You can accept all of the defaults when going through the metadata import wizard. 
  8. Open the relying party definition.
  9. In the encryption tab, remove the certificate so that the response assertions are not encrypted.


  10. Create claim rules which describe what data ADFS will return to the relying party. There must be a name ID attribute. The other attributes must match what you named them when creating the IDM record inside the application.
  11. edit_rule_-_cloudtamer.png

  12. Log into the application via ADFS. Your first/last, email, and username data are pulled into Kion.


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